Own Group


Own Group is a company engaged in the development, management and operation of hotels and commercial/retail businesses.

Own Group is an innovative hospitality/property management company, which has developed an operating philosophy centered on introducing a new and unique approach to service and operations of Own Boutique Hotels and Pop Budget Boutique Hotels.



Own Group management philosophy is based on decentralization, focusing on the establishment of a quality team required to run the day-to-day operations. The central office coordinates all opening activities, dedicating its efforts to staff selection and recruitment, start up training activities and financial controlling based on pre determined annual budgets.

Communication and empowerment represent the pillars of the company approach to management, creating a global group of young and dynamic fashionable employees sharing the same passion for guest services with deep knowledge of the financial objectives of each property.

A strong product image, unique design, managerial entrepreneurial and flair, decentralization, superior financial performance, and carefully nurtured, longstanding Owner relationships


Standards are focused on:

• Style

• Dynamism

• Efficiency

• Friendliness

• Productivity

• Cost Oriented



Own Boutique Hotels and Pop Budget Boutique Hotels are managed by Own Group, an innovative company which combines aspects of hotel management and real estate development.  

Rather than investing in a hotel operation, investors in each Own / Pop property invests in each own apartment / Apart Hotel, Hotel, complete with title. Thus investors own actual real estate, that constitutes a percentage of the building and the land that it sits on. Investors then contract with Own Group to manage their unit as part of a Boutique Hotel or Budget Boutique Hotel for an average of a 10 year period (assuming that performance targets are hit). 



Own Palermo Hollywood

Opened: June 2009

Style: Boutique Hotel

Location: Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires

Rooms: 16

Amenities: Lounge / Bar, Business Center

Contract: Development / Management


Pop Hotel

Opened: November 2011

Style: Budget Boutique Hotel

Location: Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires

Rooms: 44

Amenities: PopCorn Lounges

Contract: Development / Management


Own Grand Palermo Soho

Opening: October 2014

Style: Boutique Hotel

Location: Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Rooms: 63

Amenities: Lounge / Restaurant, Meeting Room, Business Center, Spa, Gym, Sky pool + solarium, garden.

Contract: Development / Management


Future openings:

Own Madero

Style: Boutique Hotel

Location: City Center, Buenos Aires

Rooms: 36

Amenities: Louge / Restaurant, Meeting Rooms, Business Center, Sky Deck with gym and jacuzzi

Contract: Development / Management


Own Montevideo

Style: Boutique Hotel

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Rooms: 44

Amenities: Lounge / Restaurant, Meeting Rooms, Business Center, Swimming Pool, Terrace Bar, parking.

Contract: Development / Management


Own Palermo Hollywood II

Style: Boutique Hotel

Location: Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires

Rooms: 24

Amenities: Own Palermo Hollywood amenities + Restaurant and Gym.

Contract: Development / Management